Please note: our showroom and warehouse will be closed for the public holiday on Monday the 14th June, we will however, still be open on Saturday the 12th of June as normal

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    Backlog Processing Update - 28th November

    Great news!

    Thanks to the patience of our pickup customers and the massive efforts of our fantastic staff, we are now almost back to normal with currently only 5 days of orders in backlog

    The team are continuing to work hard over the weekend and extended hours next week to clear the remainder of the orders, so we can truly say that we are back to standard processing times 

    Most pickup processing restrictions have been lifted, all we ask is that you plan your pickup orders at least 24 hours ahead of the pickup time until backlogs are fully cleared

    We would like to thank all our customers for your patience and understanding throughout this period and wish you all the very best for the remainder of the busy season



    Backlog Processing Update - 24th Nov

    Quick update on the great work the team has done over the last week, we are now packing orders from the 15th of November, which means we are now only 10 days behind!
    This is still not good enough as we draw closer the Christmas, so the team are continuing to push hard to reduce these backlogs even further

    Note: Pickups are only available Thursday, Friday & Saturday untile backlogs are cleared and you must nominate one of these pick-up days at least 24 hours ahead of pick up time (within business hours) . We cannot accommodate any same day pickups or add on orders

    We also have stocks arriving every day, and we are packing our new warehiuse right to the roof! last week it was our travel tins and this week so far it is two full containers of NatureWax® C3 (as you can see in the picture) and there will be more Mosaics and Christmas glass is arriving on Thursday! so don't forget to click the link on the product page to be notified when stocks are placed back into stock


    Hi Everyone, over the past few months we have been very mindful of the issue these order processing backlogs have created for our customers and as mentioned in previous communications, we have been working around the clock to sort them out, however even with out best efforts the backlogs have only reduced slightly due to continuing high order volumes and we are concerned that some of our customers are not going to receive orders in time for Christmas

    In response to our own concerns and those of our interstate and country NSW customers, about the ability of local customers to have pick up orders processed ahead of their orders, we have decided to stop new pickup order bookings for the next 4 days of this week and then restrict the times and days pickups will be available from our warehouse at Rhodes

    Note: Pickups will only be available Thursday, Friday & Saturday starting from next week, so you must nominate one of these pick-up days in the shipping notes of your order. We cannot accommodate any same day pickups, so please nominate a day/hour at least 24 hours ahead of pick up time (within business hours)

    Existing pickup orders already processed and ready for collection can be picked up between 10am & 2pm, however we will not be able to accept new pickup orders or add-ons on the same day you pick up. Our Rhodes Showroom is open for browsing only

    Due to the reallocation of our operational resources, our customer service centre also will be closed for calls and e-mails Monday, Tuesday & Saturday’s

    We understand that there will be impacts on local customers and we regret this, however in fairness to all our customers and to be able to divert resources across our operations into backlog order processing, we feel this is necessary and will certainly help to reduce our order processing backlogs to an acceptable level as we move ever closer to the Christmas break

    Once again, we sincerely apologise for the time it is taking for us to clear these backlogs. This is certainly not the level of service we want to deliver to our customers, however rest assured that we are all working very hard and long hours in order to fix this and we believe these changes will assist greatly in this process


    Geoff Blanc

    Managing Director

    Candle Supply Pty Ltd