Urgent Update on Backlog Order Processing and Refunds for Out of Stock Items - 12th Aug 2020 - Please Read

    Further Update on Backlog Processing 12th August 2020

    Hi everyone, once again we thank you very much for your continued business and especially for your patience & understanding with regards to out of stock items

    Despite our increasing processing backlogs for Australia based orders, we are still managing to process New Zealand orders on a weekly basis, however with the recent restrictions being placed back on in New Zealand, our shipper is getting pressure to hold shipments back

    At this stage we will be continuing to send our shipments and request that they be sent our to customers, however we will closely monitor the situation and let you know if anything changes


    Geoff Blanc

    Managing Director

    Urgent Update on Backlog Processing 21 July 2020

    Hi to all our New Zealand customers and thank you very much for your continued business and patience with regards to out of stock items

    I wanted to give you a more detailed update on the current situation with regards to processing backlogs and out of stock items and what we are doing to get things back to normal

    Over the last few months we have seen massive volume increases right across the candle and soap making industry, with many of our customers experiencing greater than 100% growth in their orders, which has consequentially placed enormous pressure on wholesale suppliers all around Australia. The good news is that we have large orders underway and containers are landing every week, so everything will be back in stock over the next couple of months. We just need our customers to be patient as we manage the massive job of re-forecasting and additional production to solve the immediate issues with low stocks and ensure we have sufficient stocks as we go into our annual busy season

    As a direct consequence of this increased activity and despite our best efforts in employing additional staff and implementing added processing efficiencies, we now have significant backlogs for our Australian based orders. We are still prcessing orders for our New Zealand customers on a weekly basis as normal, however there is a significant impact on stock availability due to unprocessed orders and we are looking at ways of clearing these backlogs ASAP, in order to limit the impacts of products going out of stock while you are waiting for your weekly order to be processed.

    From today, we will be not be holding back orders to call customers for out of stock items, instead we will be sending all the stocked items with a note on the invoice to inform our customers of the items which are out of stock and that a refund will be processed back to their account from which they paid for the order.

    Whilst this is not our preferred service standard for our customers, it will allow additional staff time to focus on the orders currently in backlog

    If you would prefer to receive a store credit instead of a refund for an out of stock item, or if you would like to arrange a replacement item, then please call or e-mail our customer service team on 02 8741 4000 or customerservice@candlesupply.com.au and we will manage this for you if the order is yet to be processed 

    We have also received reports that some customers are not receiving their order confirmation e-mails and our common response is to check your spam or junk folders which usually finds the e-mail, however if you still can’t locate the e-mail confirmation which gets automatically sent from the system, then send us an e-mail or get in touch with our customer service team and they can forward the original confirmation e-mail

    Once again, I thank you for your patience and support and I assure you that we will get this current situation under control as soon as possible


    Geoff Blanc

    Managing Director