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    Ecosoya's all new formulated range of waxes


    Faster Manufacturing - The flexibility EcoSoya waxes offer, means success with a wider pour temperature range and ease of manufacturing. Additionally, the Quantum range can be cooled during manufacturing with little risk of improper curing. This means faster production, higher efficiency, less manufacturing waste and a positive impact on your bottom line.

    High Quality and Stability - EcoSoya waxes are extremely stable, non-polymorphic, have wide pour temperature ranges, and offer exceptional consistency and performance every time. This means a consistent customer experience. Consistency is key both during and after production and, even more importantly, in the consumer's hands. Traditionally, temperature variations, unpredictable shipping, and rough handling could ruin an otherwise great soy candle due to polymorphism. The Quantum waxes are stable enough to withstand varied environments and create a consistently repeatable end user experience through exceptional quality and performance.

    Exceptional Clean Burn - First, EcoSoya pioneered a source of renewable wax products that resulted in meeting consumer desires. Now these waxes burn even cleaner for a healthier home environment. This means faster fragrance throw - consumers now want things cleaner, better and faster. The Quantum waxes support the use of very large wicks for a faster fragrance throw without the typical sooting issues of the past. This advantage meets consumer desires while offering the opportunity for increased sales

    Important Stock Update: Important update from NGI/Ecosoya - 18th July 2019

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    1. EcoSoya - Q210 - Container Wax

      EcoSoya - Q210 - Container Wax

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