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    Candle Supplies In Australia Are Available For Delivery To Melbourne And Sydney

    Candle making is a form of art that goes back thousands of years, dating to around 500 BC when the candle became a form of light after the sun went down for the day. Candles were used by the ancient Romans, during the Chinese dynasties, in India, parts of the Middle East, and in Africa. What began out of necessity remains today as a hobby for many. You can join in the fun using candle supplies provided by Candle Supply of Australia. The company carries a wide variety of candle making supplies including various waxes, fragrance oils, wicks, glass, and much more.

    The History Of Candle Making

    The ancient Romans made candles from tallow, or animal fat, as early as 500 BC. The oil lamp was a big source of illumination throughout the old Roman Empire, but candles were often given as gifts. The Chinese used whale fat and eventually beeswax to make candles during the Qin dynasty. In India, cinnamon was boiled in order to make candles. By the medieval period in Europe, candle making was a very popular profession. Most candles were still made from fats, but beeswax candles were made for special events – church or royal events – because they smelled better. In the mid-1800s, paraffin wax became widely available and was used in the manufacture of quality, inexpensive candles.

    Candle Making Is A Popular Hobby Today

    These days, making your own candles has become a popular pastime. There are all sorts of interesting things a person can do when making his or her own candle. Of course, you must have the proper supplies. Hobbyists and those trying for the just the first time can order candle supplies in Australia from Candle Supply, a one-stop Mega Shop with everything one needs in order to produce a quality candle. Those who are new to the art can start with the candle making starter kit, which includes everything necessary for the production of one's first candle.

    For experts, there are all sorts of supplies to choose from including waxes. This is usually the starting point for candle makers. There are various waxes that one can choose like natural soy or coconut wax. There are also a variety of oils, wicks, glass, and packaging from which to choose. Everything you could possibly imagine to produce a quality candle can be found at Candle Supply's online store.

    Buy Candle Supplies In Melbourne

    Whether you live in Melbourne, Sydney, or in the rural areas of the Outback, you can visit and shop in the online store. You can browse the wide selection of products, make your purchase, and pay for it via the website's secure server. Purchases can be paid for using most major credit cards and Candle Supply will deliver to all parts of Australia. The online store is easy to navigate and is user friendly. Those who have questions can always enquire via email by sending a message to or call a representative at +61 2 8757 3764. Candle Supply staff is very knowledgeable when it comes to candle supplies in Sydney and customers find them to be very friendly as well.