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    The Effects of Goat Milk Soap Ingredients on the Skin

    Using commercially made soaps can cause irritation of the skin especially for those who are sensitive. If you want soap that helps nourish and moisture your skin, you can now make your own. Candle Supply is Australia’s one-stop supplier of quality products used for making your own soap and candles. One of the more popular items on our online store is “melt and pour” goat milk soap with ingredients like glycerin. It is the glycerin that helps to trap moisture and help the skin to retain it.

    Goat milk soap ingredients are much different than those of traditional commercial soaps. These soaps typically are stripped of glycerine. The result is soap that may smell great but can leave the skin dry and irritated. The same product made from goats milk leaves the skin nourished and moisturised. Goats milk is also high in Vitamin E, which is very beneficial for the skin.

    To make your own soap from goats milk, you can start by purchasing one of our melt and pour kits. We also supply a broad range of essential oils and essential oil blends that you can add to your soaps. You can choose from fragrances and dried botanicals as well. The process of making the soap is pretty simple, and Candle Supply provides everything you need to get started.

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