Where to Buy Quality Goats Soap Base

    If you have an interest in making your own soaps, you need to start with quality supplies such as goats soap base. Soap made from goats milk is gaining in popularity because of its effect on the skin. Free of the chemicals that tend to irritate the skin, goats milk soap is creamy, smooth, and works as a great moisturiser for the skin. To make this soap, you can purchase all of the necessary supplies from Candle Supply, Australia’s one-stop shop for high quality candle and soap making products. Since 2005, we have helped thousands of customers enjoy the world of candle and soap making.

    Goats soap base is the key to making great goats milk soap. We offer melt and pour soap base that contains goats milk. You can purchase the base in a variety of quantities from a single 1kg tub up to five boxes. Each box contains 11.5kg of the soap base.

    We also supply a range of additives like fragrances and essential oils. These can be added during the melting phase to add wonderful scents to your soaps. You can choose from several different pure essential oils such as lavender and lemon or try our essential oil blends like the Relaxation blend which includes lavender, cedarwood, and several others.

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