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    • 1KG Crystal LS Soap Base
    • 1KG Crystal White LS Soap Base
    • Red PCD
    • Green PCD
    • Ispropyl Alcohol spray
    • Sugar Cookie
    • Orange sweet  Essential Oil
    • Loaf Style Silicone Mould
    • Larger Loaf Style Silicone Mould
    • Heatproof Containers
    • Soap Slicer

    STEP 1

    Take your 1kg of Crystal LS out of its packaging and cut into microwavable chunks.

    Cutting soap baseSoap base in the Container

    STEP 2

    Place soap chunks in a heatproof container and heat at one-minute intervals until melted, stirring between each interval.

    Melting soap base

    STEP 3 

    Now colour your base using your favourite red colour. Add it to your base of approximate temperature of 65°C and mix thoroughly until even throughout. Dilute with some alcohol spray to reduce bubbles.

    Preparing colours

    STEP 4

    Spray your silicone moulds with Isopropyl alcohol, then add, approximately, a 3cm layer of your red base as a base layer in your small loaf mould, and then add a 1cm layer to the bottom of your flat mould. Spray both surfaces with the Isopropl alcohol spray and set both aside to dry.

    Pouring soap base into loafPouring soap base into a flat loaf

    STEP 5

    Now, cut your Crystal White LS base into microwavable chunks, and place in a heatproof container. Microwave at one-minute intervals until melted through, stirring between each interval.

    STEP 6

    Add a few drops of Sugar sweet fragrance and a few drops of Orange Sweet fragrance to the melted base, making sure not to add more than 2% of the whole solution.

    Christmas Pudding oilAdd oil drops

    STEP 7

    Make sure that your red layer in the larger mould has set, if so, spray it with Isopropl alcohol spray and then add a 1cm layer of your fragranced Crystal White LS (for perfect layers make sure it is not higher than 65°C). Spray the surface with alcohol, and set aside to dry.

    Pouring soap

    STEP 8

    Separate your remaining White LS into two heatproof containers. Dissolve your green PCD, in alcohol to ensure even colour distribution. To one, add the green gradually, stirring thoroughly after each addition until you reach a bright green colour. Set aside the remaining white melted base for later.

    Green Mica

    STEP 9

    Test the red layer in your smaller silicone mould. If firm to the touch, spritz with rubbing alcohol and add around a 3cm layer of your green base. Spray again the surface with alcohol.

    Pour soap base

    STEP 10

    While the green layer sets, remove your red and white slab from your flat silicone mould and slice into your desired size. We went for a cube for a great ‘sweetie’ effect, but they could equally be chopped into small triangles, or grated into curls, creativity is yours. Once done, set aside for later use.

    Soap base chunks

    STEP 11

    Wait until your green layer has hardened, then spray again with alcohol. The remaining white soap may need to be popped in the microwave for a minute to re-melt any solidified parts. When melted throughout again, pour over the green layer, until the white layer is around 3cm from the surface of the mould- this is to ensure your toppings don’t cause an overflow.

    Layering soap

    STEP 12

    Working quickly, scatter the cubes across the surface of the white layer, making sure to push some of the cubes down into the surface before the top layer dries.

    Adding soap chunks

    STEP 13

    Leave to set for 12 hours, then remove from the silicone mould. Taking a soap cutter of your choice (we chose a festive wavy cutter), cut your soaps into slices from top to bottom, and enjoy!

    Unmolding soapChristmas soap barsChristmas soap