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    Coconut Wax - Blending

    Coconut wax is a new product featuring a Coconut/Soy blend a 43 degree (C) melt point and excellent jar adhesion which is a result of its newly developed soft consistancy. Primarily used as a blending wax with other waxes or in body balms and massage candles

    Coconut wax is a soft wax that works very well to soften other waxes and enhance glass adhesion.

    Comes in block form and is easy to work with as it is still quite soft.

    Coconut wax tends to be very white and when blended in combination with harder waxes, can whiten a wax. Coconut wax works well for massage candles and body balms.

    Product Name Per kg Price Qty
    Coconut Wax - 0.825 kg $20.70
    Coconut Wax - 4.5kg $13.86
    Coconut Wax - 22.68kg $10.07

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    Best wax out thereReview by Kelly
    I brought 2 lot's of these on a gamble, and all I can say is LOVE! What a great innovation to the candle industry. I have had to do so much experimentation with this wax, but now have come up with the perfect formula that create's the best fragrance throw, longer burn time and all round the best looking candle. Please keep these in stock Candle Supply:) (Posted on 20/03/2014)

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    • From Amber Bold at 7/08/2015 12:49 pm
      • When will the 22.68kg coconut wax be available again?
        I would like to order some soon please.
        Thank you
      • Hi Amber. Coconut wax is due to land 15th Sept unfortunately 1 month late. CS
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    • From Frances Douherty at 6/09/2015 11:51 am
      • Hi,

        Can you tell me where you sourse your coconut wax from?
        Thank you
      • Hi Frances. Our wax is produced in the USA. CS
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    • From Bee at 20/11/2015 10:43 pm
      • Hello! What do you suggest is the best soy:coconut wax ratio? Thank you! :)
      • Hi Bee. Depending on the soy wax we suggest starting with between 5 & 10%. CS
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    • From Katie Des Forges at 24/01/2016 2:31 pm
      • Hi there, I have been experimenting with candle making in 28 c heat using this coconut wax mixed with soy wax and it won't set properly, is the 5 & 10% you mention above for the coconut wax ratio with 95 & 90% soy wax? I think I have been adding too much coconut wax. Also does this coconut wax go in soaps, lip balms and moisterisers? Thanks Katie
      • HI Katie, We recommend starting around 5% then moving up to a maximum of 10% with C3 if you are using a different wax you may have to adjust. The coconut wax is very soft it help adhesion and whites soy and is very clean burning. It is partially hydrogenated and will not work as an oil unless it is heated ie in moisturising candles.CS
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    • From Katie Des Forges at 26/01/2016 11:45 am
      • Hi there, can you please answer my question, can I use the coconut wax as a coconut oil in moisterisers by adding it to shea butter, is it not setting in my candles because I am in 28 degree heat, thanks
      • Hi Katie, The coconut wax is not suitable in moisturisers as it is no longer an oil as it has been partly hydrogenated. In regards to using Coconut wax you should mix it with soy at between 5 to 10% it will help adhesion and gives you a smoother surface however temperature varies depending on the wax you are using and the fragrance load. Testing is essential. CS
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