Latest Update 25th March 2020

    Update on the processing for GST Paid orders over $1000 - Please note that these orders are also included in the Customs processing when orders exceed $1000 in value and will incurr greater processing times and additional costs

    It was originally thought that this customs process only effected GST registered customers, however the IRD has clarrified this point and there will be customs processing on all orders over $1000 in value

    Please note: Customs also require the customers to have an Importer Code in order to clear your shipment, this can be obtained by completing a NZCS 224: Trade Single Window – Client Registration Application and submitting via e-mail to Customs along with identification documents.

    Also note that this registration must be completed prior to the shiment being cleared, so in order to limit delays in customs, please complete this process at the time or prior to placing your order



    Important Notice to all New Zealand customers

    Re: Recent announcement by the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) about changes to New Zealand imports processes and collection of GST for low value goods.

    New rules regarding the import of low value goods

    The IRD have confirmed that the new rules have been approved and will come into effect the 1st December 2019. These rule changes affect all offshore businesses like ours and requires the collection of GST on all goods sold to consumer customers in New Zealand 

    The only exception to these new rules, are for GST registered businesses in New Zealand, where the value goods including shipping, is below $1000. In these instances we do not need to collect GST and the orders will be zero rated for GST purposes

    All orders which have an order value, including shipping above $1000 will be charged Duty and GST at the border by customs. (note: GST paid orders will only incurr any applicable duty and additional GST on this duty as the GST on the order has already been paid)

    Note: These customers will need to be registered for customs clearance and will be contacted by our shipping clearance agent for collection of the applicable Duty & GST on behalf of customs prior to the release of the goods from customs

    For more information on these changes, please review:

    Important: As a matter of urgency, we need to identify all New Zealand Candle Supply GST registered customers, in order to prepare for these changes. To enable this, we need our customers help to enter their GST Registration number, in the field provided on their account page in our system ASAP.

    To complete this, please log onto go to My Account >> Account Information and complete the details in the field provided under Additional Information.

    If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact our customer service team by e-mail at or call on +612 8741 4000.


    Managing Director Candle Supply Pty Ltd