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    Top Quality Reed Diffuser Supplies For Melbourne And Sydney Projects As Well As The Rest Of Australia

    For those into candle making, there may be some instances when you are making a gift or filling an order for someone who cannot burn a candle. In those cases, you can simply make a reed diffuser that will essentially have the same effect as a scented candle. When you want the best quality reed diffuser supplies in Australia, visit the online mega store, Candle Supply. For a decade, Candle Supply has served as a major stockiest and suppliers of natural candle making supplies to hobbyists, home based candle makers, resellers, and major brand manufacturers. Candle Supply is known for is huge selection and the quality of its products.

    What Exactly Is A Reed Diffuser?

    A reed diffuser is an alternative to a candle giving off the aroma of a candle without having to burn a flame. A reed, which is porous, is placed into a container usually made of glass that contains aromatic oil. The reed will allow the oil and its aroma to diffuse through it. There is no heat needed. Reed diffusers are safe for offices, homes, classrooms, and nursing homes in Sydney, Melbourne, and all over Australia. No soot is left on walls or furniture either since a flame is never lit. Oil will continue to diffuse and wick up the reed for several months leaving your room smelling fresh.

    Buying Reed Diffuser Supplies In Melbourne

    Candle Supply has everything you need to make your own reed diffuser. For those who have never made one, there are kits available that include reeds, glass, and oils to make your first one. Experience hobbyists will find a variety of reeds and fragrances from which to choose. Candle Supply has everything from floral and fruity scents to tropical and spa fragrances. Purchasing them from the online store is a breeze. The website is easy to navigate and shoppers can place items for purchase in their carts. Checkout is secure and easy. Payments can be made using major credit cards and once completed, orders are shipped from the company's warehouse in Sydney. Delivery times are normally within five to ten days.

    Why Buy Reed Diffuser Supplies From Candle Supply

    Candle Supply is known throughout Australia. As mentioned, they have been a long-time supplier to a multitude of small and large businesses throughout the country. The reason why so many customers choose Candle Supply begins with their wide array of product selections. Whether it is candle making supplies or those to make reed diffusers, there is plenty to choose from and the quality is outstanding. Customers also love the wholesale prices, which assures that everyone receives tremendous value for their money. The easy-to-use online store is another bonus as is the outstanding service. Whenever customers have a question, a friendly staff member is just a phone call away to help.

    For more information on reed diffuser supplies in Sydney or any other candle supplies, visit www.candlesupply.com.au or call one of the knowledgeable and friendly staff members at +61 2 8757 3764.