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    The Best Soy Candle Supplies In Australia Shipped From Sydney To Melbourne And Other Regional Centres

    Soy candles have become very popular for a variety of reasons. Now, candle makers and hobbyists all over Australia are making their own soy candles. Of course, in order to make those there is the need for soy candle supplies and the choice for such supplies in Australia is Candle Supply. The online store has a wide range of waxes, wicks, oils, glass, packaging, and so much more. Customers can find everything they need to make their own candle whether it is for their own use or if they are a reseller or distributor.

    Why Soy Candles Are So Popular

    Soy candles are natural since they are made from soybean oil. A paraffin wax candle is made from petroleum oil. This means that a soy candle will burn cleaner than a paraffin candle. It also does not produce the black soot that is associated with paraffin. People who burn a lot of candles will also find the soy candles will last about 50 per cent longer than the normal paraffin wax candle. Soy candles burn longer and they burn more evenly so that you do not have as much excess was left on the sides of a candle jar.

    Soy candles do not need chemicals to scent them so they can use essential oils to provide scent instead of chemical fragrances. A soy candle that uses essential oils can be labelled as an all-natural soy candle. You will notice that the scent from a soy candle is much stronger than that of a normal paraffin wax candle. The way in which a soy candle burns leaves a greater amount of liquid around the wick. The evaporation of this liquid and the wick help to enhance the fragrance as the candle burns. A cleaner, longer burn and the fact that a soy candle is non-toxic are key selling points.

    Use Soy Candle Supplies From Australia's Candle Supply

    If you enjoy making your own candles or happen to be in the business of making them, you will find an amazing selection of high quality products at Candle Supply. Customers can visit the online store at and browse the thousands of different products. Among those products, one can find soy wax and everything else needed to make high quality candles. The great thing about the online store is that customers can place their orders, pay via credit card, and then have their soy candles supplies shipped from the Sydney warehouse. Candle Supply will ship anywhere in Australia. Normal shipping times are usually five to ten days. The entire process is easy and secure through the website's secure server.

    Make Candle Supply Your Supplier

    You will find the highest quality soy candle supplies in Melbourne at Candle Supply. The company has been a major supplier for all sizes of businesses in Australia from the smallest hobbyist to major brand manufacturers. Customers get quality, wholesale prices, and exceptional customer service from the friendly staff, who happens to be just a phone call away (+61 2 8757 3764).