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    Wholesale Candle Making Supplies In Sydney & Shipped to Melbourne or Anywhere In Australia

    The art of candle making stretches back thousands of year and still continues today although for much different reasons. Candles were a source of light for many until the advent of the oil lamps, light bulbs, and electricity. Today, there are many candle making hobbyists and still others who earn a living producing their own beautiful candles. For those who still enjoy it, Candle Supply is your source for high quality wholesale candle supplies in Australia. With a wide range of products, Candle Supply meets the demands of the modern candle maker.

    Candle Making Long Ago

    The earliest candles may have been made by the ancient Egyptians, but it is the Romans who are given credit for the first wicked candles. Somewhere around 500 B.C., candles were used throughout the old Roman Empire. They were often given as gifts for a variety of special occasions. The ancient Chinese also made candles from whale fat and eventually would make beeswax candles too. Candle making was known in other parts of the world as well in places like the Middle East, India, and Africa. Candle maker was a well-known profession during the Middle Ages in Europe. Most all candles prior to the 1800s were made from some sort of animal fat.

    Candle Making Today

    When the light bulb and electricity replaced the candle and oil lamps as a source of light, candle making took a big hit. Candle making continued and then began to increase as candles became a decorative item. They began to become available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colours and scented candles have become a major hit.

    Many people enjoy making candles of their own and others even run their own home-based candle making businesses. Whether you are in business or just a hobbyist, you should browse the wholesale candle making supplies at Sydney-based Candle Supply. The online mega store has thousands of high quality products that are needed to produce beautiful candles. You will find a variety of waxes, including soy, fragrance oils, wicks, glass, packaging, and much more at Candle Supply. The beauty of shopping at Candle Supply is the prices are at wholesale levels and all items are shipped right from the company warehouse in Sydney.

    Why Buy Wholesale Candle Making Supplies From Candle Supply

    There are a number of reasons why Candle Supply is your source for wholesale candle making supplies in Melbourne or anywhere in Australia. The vast selection is the first. As mentioned, Candle Supply carries everything that a novice or the most advanced candle maker needs to make one candle or to make a thousand. Customers can visit the online store, www.candlesupply.com.au, and shop for hours. The friendly staff is also just a phone call should anyone need assistance.

    The ordering process is easy too. Shoppers place items in their carts and then pay using a major credit card. All transactions are secure and items can be shipped anywhere in Australia. Shipping times are usually between five and ten days. Whether a hobby or a job, make Candle Supply your source for candle making supplies.