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Dear Flu, nobody likes you,

Dear Flu, nobody likes you,

Body aches, headaches, full blown congestion, seemingly constant sneezing = FLU

And there goes the weekend plans…

Essential oils have excellent health benefits, including fighting against cold and flu

The star essential oils to manage respiratory viruses when diffused into the air are;

Lemon – clears your nasal passages

Eucalyptus – reduces fevers and fights infections

Tea tree – inhibits bacteria and fights infections

Peppermint – reduces coughs, sinusitis, and throat infections

Chamomile – relieves cold and flu symptoms

Thyme- has antibacterial activity to help fight respiratory infections

How to use these oils?

-Oil burners -check our Aroma glow


-1-2 drops on a tissue (hold tissue under your nose)

Use caution when using essential oils and make sure to dilute them appropriately.

Wishing everyone a Flu free healthy season



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