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Product FAQ's

Candle Making

How to make soy candles at home? 
Making your own soy candles at home is easy to do! We have plenty of beginner-friendly tutorials to help you get started. For easy step-by-step candle making instructions see our easy to read how to guides.

Do you sell any candle making kits for beginners?
Yes! Here at Candle Supply we have kits to make candle making easy. We have a range of candle making kits designed for beginners and hobbyists alike. Take a look at our range of candle making kits.

How much fragrance should I add to candles?
This will larger depend on the size of your container and how much fragrance you are using. Take a look at our handy Wax Calculation Formula for instructions.



What is the best size wick should I choose?
Generally speaking, the larger the wick the larger the flame and more heat it will produce. Our handy guide can help you which size wick will be suitable. Link:

How to trim candle wick with scissors?
The best way to trim candle wicks is approximately 1cm above the wax with wick trimming scissors. Can buy wick trimming scissors and other candle making supplies here. (

Soap Making

How do I make soap?
Making your own soap at home is super easy! Handmade Soap makes a great present for your loved ones. We have plenty of step-by-step tutorials ( to help you get started. 

There are different methods for making soap, we recommend using Melt and Pour method for beginners. 

  1. Melt pre-made blocks of soap base (
  2. Add your fragrance or essential oils (
  3. Pour it in your desired soap mold (

Here at Candle Supply, we have all the equipment you need to get started with your handmade soap project. You can purchase one of our beginner-friendly soap making kits that has everything you need to get started ( 

How to calculate fragrance oil for soap?
This is largely dependant on the project you are working on. Essential Oils used in body care applications or soaps must be adjusted accordingly. We do not recommend not exceeding 1 – 1.5%. For all projects, TESTING is a MUST!

Are fragrance oils safe for skin?
Our fragrance oils are safe and can be used in candles, melts, soaps and body products. Due to our premium high-quality fragrances, you only need to use a small fragrance load to achieve a great result. We recommend 6 to 8 percent in candles and 1 to 1.5 percent in body products. Make sure to check for labels ‘Body Safe’ and Soap Safe’ prior to purchasing. 

Skin safe labels to look for online:

Fragrance Oils

What is in your fragrance oil?
All of our fragrance formulas are exclusively ours developed for us in the US with both a great cold and hot scent throw. Due to the quality of the fragrance we suggest a fragrance load in candles of 6.0% to 8.0% which we have found is all that is required to get a great result in most waxes.

All our fragrances are made to IFRA standards and are Phthalate free.

Can I use essential oils in soy candles?
Essential oils work well in soy candle making. Our essential oil blends have been pre-tested for candle applications and work extremely well in soy waxes. We recommend that you try some of the aromatherapy blends that we have had formulated for both Candles and Body Care. Link:

How do I calculate fragrance oil for candles?
Refer to calculations above or read instructions on candle making fragrance oil calculations here.

Can you mix fragrance oils together?
Yes! Just like cooking, mixing fragrance oils is like mixing different ingredients together. You need to test what smells great and what doesn’t satisfy the palate. 


For customer service frequently asked questions, please see here:

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