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Candle Supply AirFesh Technology Fragrances

Candle Supply “AirFresh” Technology

Basically this means that there are certain raw materials in these fragrances that help reduce certain malodours

At Candle Supply we work very closely with the largest fragrance companies in the world and as such, we have direct access to the very latest in cutting edge technology for the management of Malodours, we call it “Candle Supply AirFresh Technology


Malodour management is all about developing fragrances to combat smells perceived as malodorous. The Fragrance Specialists at our fragrance supply partner have developed a series of databases comprising analytical and sensory data on raw materials describing their performance in various applications. This data has been used to create our line of Candle Supply AirFresh fragrances, accords and odor neutralizers. To further extend the natural fragrance palette, our specialists have recently developed databases based on natural aroma molecules and essential oils, to mask unpleasant smells in kitchens, bathrooms or underarm sweat.


“BASE” MALODOURS Unwelcome odours from formulations e.g. Ammonia from hair coloration, actives in depilatory cream, amine detergents, hypochlorite in bleach products, gasoline odour

“ENVRIONMENTAL” MALDOURS Unwelcome odours from environment, e.g. cooking odours, bathroom odours, smoke, sweat, scalp


Vapor pressure reduction

Chemical reaction Overpowering – covering

Adsorption/ complexation

Biological degradation

Receptor interaction/ signal transduction

By using Candle Supply Airfresh Technology Fragrances, the following product claims can be supported

Neutralises Malodours

Neutralises Unpleasant Odours

Active against Malodour

The active Barrier against Malodour

The active-Block – Stops Odours

Longlasting feeling of freshness

Longlasting feeling of cleanliness

Extra protection against specific odours


*Candle Supply makes no warranties, either or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of the information set forth herein. Candle Supply expressly disclaims any implied warranty of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Prospective users are requested to determine for themselves the suitability of Candle Supply materials and suggestion for any use prior to their utilisation. Any necessary approvals from regulatory authorities of descriptive materials from patents and the citation of specific patents in this document may not be understood as recommendation for the use of candle Supply products in violation of any patent or as a permission or licence to use any patent of Candle Supply or third party.


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