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Nature Wax®

Nature Wax®

At Candle Supply, we stock a wide variety of wax from major suppliers around the world. We are also proudly one of only a few official suppliers in Australia and New Zealand of the NatureWax® brand, which is manufactured by the large multinational US supplier, Cargill Incorporated. This well regarded distributorship, was made possible by our long running and close relationship we have with Cargill and brings with it full support for our candle makers in their production, using the NatureWax products.

We have recently added three exciting new NatureWax® products from Cargill. These are:

- NatureWax® C6, which is a Soy/Coconut container blend, designed for full glass adhesion and provides a creamy texture with fat bloom resistance.

- NatureWax® Elite 200 container blend, a soy/palm blend which is more robust and ideal for one-pour, high fragrance loading, with superior fat bloom resistance and full pull away.

- NatureWax® Elite 300 a pillar blend, which is a robust blend for smooth and textured finishes, with high fragrance and dye compatibility. check them out below!

NatureWax® products are unique, vegetable-based formulations designed to burn beautifully, provide excellent scent throw and colour stabilisation. NatureWax® products are all manufactured from 100% natural oils and are GM free

Here is a link to some great new tutorial video's from our supplier Cargill on the correct use of NatureWax® C3


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