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Soap Making

How To Make Soap? Soap Making Supplies Tips & Tricks

Maybe you want a new hobby, or you want to make some unique gifts, or you’re keen to start a small business, or you just want more control over what you put on your body. It sounds like soap making is for you, and a soap making kit is the perfect way to get started.

Here at Candle Supply, our soap making kits have everything you need as a beginner in one convenient, well-priced bundle, saving you the time and effort of sourcing individual supplies. A basic soap making kit will contain melt and pour soap bases, soap moulds, soap making fragrances, soap making dye colours and other basic tools.

As you venture further down the road of soap making, you can expand with more handmade soap making supplies: different bases, fragrances, essential oils, colours, shapes and more professional tools, all of which are available through Candle Supply.

Soap making is a great way to be creative and have fun!

The Best All Natural Melt and Pour Soap Bases In The World

We have partnered with Stephensons Personal Care, a UK based company that creates the best all natural melt and pour soap base on the market. Stephensons have been in business for more than 150 years, and are world famous for developing the original Crystal melt and pour soap base many years ago.

In addition to their crystal base, which allows you to create transparent soaps, we also stock Stephensons’ African black soap base, their goat milk soap base, their jelly soap base and a range of bases with additions such as shea butter, aloe vera and hemp oil.

Our partnership with Stephensons means we are confident that we are offering you the greatest range of the highest quality products for all your soap making needs.

Natural Fragrances For Soap Making

Once you’ve found your ideal base, you can personalise your soap. To find your ideal scent, check out our huge range of body-safe fragrance oils for soap, which have been designed specifically for use in personal products. Or, explore our range of essential oils and essential oil blends for soap to take advantage of the benefits of the different extracts in your soaps. Only use these powerful natural oils in small quantities, no more than 3 per cent oil to other ingredients.

You might also want to play with colours, and at Candle Supply we have soap making dye in all the colours of the rainbow – and then some. Blend, mix and swirl to create the effect you want with relaxing blues and greens, vibrant reds and pinks, or even black.

Finally, choose a shape with our famous soap moulds Australia. We offer a range of clam shell moulds in basic shapes, which can also be used as packaging if you choose to sell your soaps. We also have a larger range of silicone moulds in a fun variety of shapes, including hearts, flowers, Christmas trees and paw prints.

With all these different options, your finished products will be wonderfully unique and perfect to sell as part of a small business, give as personalised gifts or to keep and treat yourself with.

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